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  • Family & Child Information
  • Scheduling
  • Immunizations/Medical
  • Waiting List 
  • Activity Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Individual E-mail
  • Child/Parent Photos
  • Emergency/Pick-up Lists
  • Alert/Allergy Functions
  • Password Security Levels
  • Sign In/Sign Out Sheets
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Many Child & Parent Reports
  • 65 User Definable Fields
  • CA State Reports Support
  • Enrollment Projections
  • Vacancy Projections
  • FTE Reports
  • School Calendar
  • Much More!


Client Information Features:

Family & Child information, photo storage, email, immunizations, document tracking, scheduling, emergency/authorized pick-up persons, waiting list, activity management, transportation management, family log, enrollment/vacancy reports, FTE reports, attendance sheets, sign in/out sheets, medical and immunization reports, birthday reports, family data reports, emergency and authorized pickup reports, document reports, many child reports, school directory report, weekly schedules, some CA CDE support, simple vacation tracking, group status changes, over 45 user definable fields, password protection and security level setting, data file backup (Windows version only). Some Accounts Receivable features: Family ledgers, co-family ledgers, 3rd party ledgers, automatic billing lists- with date activated billing items, batch general charges, late fees, batch extra hour charges, tuition projections- date sensitive, family statements, 3rd party statements receipts, deposit tape, pay source tracking, pre-year totals on statements, charge and payment totals by class, program and category, rate templates, balance due reports, AR category totals reports, family account activity report, aging reports, class total report, program total report, payment summary report, deposit summary report, transaction summary and more.

Please note that the custom editors (report, label and graph) are available for an extra charge.

These descriptions are a brief overview. In most cases the modules will do much more then described below. Please note that with the exception of the Time Key Stand Alone the modules are not separate programs. The modules are simply different parts of the program that you may access.