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  • Children Monthly Calendars
  • Staff Monthly Calendars* * Requires Staff Manager
  • Multiple Schedules
  • Many Billing Options
  • Quick Attendance Entry
  • Copy Default Schedules
  • Default Schedules by Templates
  • Batch Changing of Times
  • Enrollment Projections
  • Staff/Child Ratios
  • Child & Staff Time Lists
  • Includes Child Vacation/Sick Ledger
  • CA CDE 9500 counts

Flexible Scheduling Manager

This module allows you to track and project children's and staff's (must have Staff Manager) schedules that may vary every day. This module includes the children's Vacation & Sick Ledger module. You may enter schedules as far in advance as you wish and keep schedules in the past for as long as you want. Here is an example of what you may do with this module: You want to setup children's schedules for the Fall semester. You first use the School Calendar to select the days that you school will be closed. Next you use the feature called Copy Reg to Flex to copy the children's default weekly schedules over the date range of the semester. Of course the days that you will be closed are skipped. Will some children will be on vacation during parts of the semester? This is no problem simply use the Vacation & Sick Ledger to post these days and the children's times will automatically be cleared. You may also quickly change children's times in groups or any combination.

Some of the unique Flexible Scheduling Manger reports that you may produce include:

  • Enrollment/Vacancy projection with child/staff ratios,
  • Children time cards,
  • Child and staff monthly schedules and total hours reports.

You may also bill based on the times in this module. You may bill by the day (Full, 3/4 and 1/2), hourly or by morning or afternoon sessions. For California centers that are on the CDE program, the program offer support for the CDE 9500 form. You may print a report that automatically produces your counts based on the Flexible Scheduling Manager's times.

These descriptions are a brief overview. In most cases the modules will do much more then described below. Please note that with the exception of the Time Key Stand Alone the modules are not separate programs. The modules are simply different parts of the program that you may access.