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  • Automatic Log In/Out
  • Log On Alerts
  • Personal, Class & School MessagesKey Pad
  • Balance Due Messages
  • Personal Extensions
  • Group Log In/Out
  • Many Billing Options
  • Unlimited Check In/Out
  • Who’s Here Report & Quick Count Ratios
  • Who Didn’t Log Out
  • Historical View & Present vs. Expected
  • Child Time List and Staff Time Card* * Staff Times Require Staff Manager
  • Immunization Messages
  • Remote Site Collector & CA CDE 9500 Counts

Time Key

This module allows you to capture children's and staff's in/out times. With a click of mouse you will be able to view your current children/staff ratios and print Who's Still Expected reports. Authorized pickup persons may be given extension numbers so you know who is dropping off and picking up the child. You may also log on a whole family at the same time. Children and staff may have an unlimited number of in/out times for a day. You may send a school, class or personal messages (all three may be sent at the same time). Tell parent's what immunizations are overdue, what their balance is or remind them of an event. Put a log on alert on a child and when they are logged on your main computer will beep at you and display a alert message. The school and class messages have start and end dates, so you may save the messages for reuse at another time.

The module allows you to group log on/off children. For instance, if you are going to be dropping off a group of children at school, they may all be logged out in a matter of seconds. You may also quickly change times by groups or individually. You may automatically charge for services based on the children's actual times. You may charge by the hour, 1/2 day or full day, stepped hourly rates or have the program compare the child's actual times with their scheduled times and charge for any time outside their schedule. There are many Time Key reports available: Quick Ratio Counts, Count vs Expected, Who's Present, Who's Expected, Who Didn't Log Out, historical counts, several children's time reports that may include who dropped them off and picked them up and of course several staff time reports including their time card.

Important: You must have the Staff Manager to capture staff times and produce child/staff ratios.

Log On Terminal: There are 3 ways to captures times.

1. Serial Port connection to another computer. No network is needed! The terminal computer may be very inexpensive. All times are stored on the Main computer. Up to 3 terminal computers may be connected via serial port. Must have a serial port for each connection. See Time Key Hardware Requirements.

2. Network Version: Time Key terminals are simply computers connected to the network. You must have the network version of Private Advantage.

3. Stand Alone: The terminal computer is not connected to the main computer. Times are transferred from the Stand Alone computer to the main computer for billing. This is your answer for those remote sites.

These descriptions are a brief overview. In most cases the modules will do much more then described below. Please note that with the exception of the Time Key Stand Alone the modules are not separate programs. The modules are simply different parts of the program that you may access.