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  • Letter Templates
  • Family Letter Log
  • Staff Letter Log
  • Prospect Letter Log
  • Mail Merge
  • Insert Data Base Fields
  • Insert Formulas
  • Insert Current Date
  • Insert Current Time
  • Letters Saved in Family Log


Integrated Word Processing

This a very powerful tool that is part of Private Advantage. You may access this word processing from the Family Log, Staff Log and Prospect Log. You may also do mail merge with this module. This module allows you to insert database fields, formulas and things like current date and current time. It has it own spell checker built in. Creating your own template letters is a snap. Simple insert the database fields where you want and type the letter. Once created the letter may be saved. Example: You create templates called "Thank You", "Parent Conference", and "Incident Report". No matter which family you open these templates for they will automatically contain that family's information (name, address, balance due, etc.).

Remember to access the word processing from the Staff and Prospect Log you must have the respective modules.