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  • Vacation Tracking
  • Sick Tracking
  • Tardy Tracking
  • Excused Tracking
  • Included with Flexible Scheduling Manager
  • Unexcused Tracking
  • Modifiable Tracking Names
  • Group Post Available/Used Days
  • Group Reset Available Days

Vacation/Sick Ledger (Children)

This module allows you to track up to five user definable categories. The defaults are vacation, sick, tardy, excused and unexcused. You may assign days available individually, or by groups. This module is included if you purchase the Flexible Scheduling Manager. This is an example of what you may do with this module: At the beginning of the year you may assign ten vacation days to all your children. As you charge vacation days to the child's vacation/sick ledger, the available days are reduced. At the end of the year you may automatically reset the days that are available.